• Ravage would like to congratulate Chris on being our March success story!! Chris is one of the most genuine people we have ever met! Always friendly, always says hi to everyone, and always is the first one to tell fellow athletes good job! Chris started his journey at ravage in December weighing 320lbs, today Chris weighs 293lbs! His goal is 225 lbs and at the rate he is going, he will be there in no time!! Ravage can't wait to see this happen! Chris told us that he started CrossFit for the environment, motivation, and the tough workouts! I asked Chris to describe 5 things he loves about CrossFit and Ravage, he said 1. Makes him proud of himself 2. Getting it done 3. Has Fun 4. Going hard 5. Feels accomplished when the wod is over. Chris we all are so proud of you!! We love having you as part of our gym family! Keep up the good work!!! Chris