Crystal R

I joined Ravage CrossFit January 2, 2014 for two main reasons 1. I was getting married on the beach in about 3 months and 2. I was seeing such great results all around me (friends, co-workers, etc.) My goal was to look great in my wedding dress and a bikini by the end of March… I did lose a few pounds and noticed some toning all around but nothing like I was hoping for. Too late – time to get married! Came back and of course like 70% of new wives “took some time off”. Over the Summer I was on and off about going to the gym and sadly gained everything back (maybe even more). I was getting so frustrated but I absolutely loved the workouts. Then suddenly we were in September… I turned the big 3.0!!? THAT was when something about me changed. You hear the saying “To achieve something you’ve never had, do something you’ve never done “… this for me, was to go ALL IN with dedication. I never really watched what I ate and just worked out on occasion because I enjoyed it. Turning 30 was when I finally realized I was actually going to have to WORK to get where I wanted to be! I cleaned up my eating, cut out those happy hours and Ravage became my 2nd home. Not only did I see my body changing but so did my focus. I couldn’t wait to get off work so I could head to the box! Call it a cult but I don’t see anything wrong with the addiction of wanting to become better/stronger/faster. CrossFit has become a part of my life. I am nowhere near where I fully want to be … but I’m getting there! Not to mention the amazing coaches and athletes who have become my friends. I am down 20lbs from my heaviest weight and getting stronger every day. I’m no Camille Leblanc-Bazinet… but I’m happy, healthy and eager to keep going! CrossFit is the most satisfying workout in my opinion. My best advice: Stay Patient & Stay Consistent! GET RAVAGED!